Who are the real Entrepreneurs?

My @random mind requested a suggestion from Microsoft’s word after watching at a beautiful video from Infosys “  Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise Seven Game Changing Trends”, that inspired me to write this piece.

So very right Microsoft has suggested the meaning of enterprise as Initiative, Innovativeness, Creativity, inventiveness, Originality, Get – up – and- go, Readiness, boldness.

Are these qualities of an enterprise?  Doesn’t it make a de-facto Entrepreneur? Yeah I guess so!

Though in real terms an entrepreneur need to have a few added qualities as well. Now the question is ‘Like what ?’ That is a question many have given their opinions on entrepreneur. In my perception an entrepreneur is all of them who have the courage to do something out of nothing, be it anything (constructive or destructive). The term entrepreneur is not bias.

But the actual question here arises is WHO? Who All ? The question is Where and How? The future is heading and who will be the real masters (In Snapes’ style from Harry Porter) .

My rational mind says it will be entrepreneurs possessing capabilities of bringing people to work together as a team, capability to dovetail others need, want and desires into their own passion.  The world of tomorrow will be led by creators, connectors of independent thoughts, network builders, conjoiners of fragmented efforts and choices.  Are you the one leading tomorrow’s world?


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